Monday, 23 February 2015


Forgive me for being slightly over-the-top, but I have some news to share with you all!

I say news - I actually set the whole thing up myself, but it's still exciting to me!

Look at this:

Yup, that's right, I've just entered my book on Goodreads :D!! AND listed myself as a Goodreads author!! Me! A proper author! Who would've thought?!

I was initially in two minds about whether to post my book up on Goodreads or not, but then I thought, y'know what? I have nothing to lose. If people don't search for it, or don't review it then that's okay, but at least it's there if someone wants to find it. 

Don't worry by the way - I know there's no cover there at the moment, but there will be hopefully by the start of next week when my designer sends the final cover over to me - eek!

I think I'm just freaking out, because as someone who's an introvert by nature, it's difficult for me to shout about my book. But no one is ever going to read it, if I don't at least try and get it out there. And I can't help smiling when I see that MY book is on Goodreads - it looks just like all the other 'proper' YA books on there :) (minus the cover, obviously)!

So, that's my news! Here's to the first small step of becoming a self-published author!

Happy Monday!


  1. Exciting! It's good to have it there, I think. (And even if you don't put it up, readers can.) Just remember not to get lost in reviews when they do come in. :)
    Congratulations on this next step! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel :)! Yeah, I got really paranoid that no one would want to put it up, which is why I put it up haha! I'll try! But at this stage, I'm still convinced no one will read it haha :)


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