Friday, 17 February 2017

The View from the Shepherd's Hut...

Last weekend the Engineer and I took a few days off and went to stay in a shepherd's hut for a few days.

The Hut in the Sheep Wash

It was amazing - the hut was in a small field in the middle of nowhere. There was a river running at the bottom of the field and the whole setting was just so lovely and peaceful. When we arrived, the woodburner was already on and the owner had very kindly left us some homemade scones to enjoy (which we did, with a cup of tea, looking out over the river). There was no signal and no wifi and, in all honesty, it was bliss. No one could get in touch with us and given the way I've been feeling the last few weeks about social media/internet 'noise' I was happy.

Greeted by a crackling woodburner

Small but cosy

Finishing touches

We explored a little bit of the area and went on a few walks, but because we didn't have internet or a TV, I could sit down and write while the Engineer did his art. The scenery and the location was truly a source of inspiration for us both, and the fact that there were no distractions at all made it even better. We woke up each day to the sound of the river rushing by and birdsong, and one night, the sky was so clear, we sat outside in the cold to simply stargaze for a while. It was perfect.

Morning tea overlooking the river

Well, almost perfect. My anxiety decided to rear it's ugly head throughout the whole holiday, due to a combination of stress at work and finally getting some time to relax. My poor husband was worried, he confessed to me later, he thought I was going to divorce him or something! But the fact is, when my anxiety hits like that, yes I do become more introverted, yes it is harder to talk to me or for me to talk to others  - but that's only because there's such a storm going on inside my head, it takes all of my concentration not to cave in and become a nervous wreck.

Scenic views from the hut, overlooking the field

But apart from that, it was amazing. If you're planning on visiting the Lake District any time soon, I would highly recommend The Hut in the Sheep Wash. It's located in the south lakes and it's a perfect base to explore Coniston, Windermere and Kendal, as well as being only an hour away from the north lakes (where I live! Come and visit me and I'll supply you with tea and cake! And no, that's not bribery for you to be my friend at all *cough cough*...).

So if you're looking for a writing retreat, or even just a few days to get away from in all, The Hut in the Sheep Wash is the place to go!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

The hut as dusk falls

Have you ever stayed in a shepherd's hut? Would you ever want to? What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. That's the nicest shepherd's hut I've ever seen. Maybe I'm in the wrong business and should be a shepherd... I'm sorry your anxiety reared its head, but yay that most of your time was peaceful and you made writing progress! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, it looks beautiful. A lot more luxurious than I thought it would be;) Sorry about the anxiety. The sheep shed rather does look and sound like a bit of heaven. Wishing you well and hugs.

  3. That looks wonderful. I'd love to spend some time in there. Just escape.

    Although I suspect I'd have to book for a few weeks because the anxiety I've been fending off would hit me too. (We're similar in that respect. :-))

  4. That is adorable! I want one I can escape to. ;)

  5. Beautiful! What a relaxing place to hang out.

  6. Doood... I gotta youse beat, dear.
    I'm a muuuch bigger nerd for LOTR.
    Wanna prove it?
    You're on.

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