Friday, 20 February 2015

Happy Friday, Everyone :)!

How on earth did it get to be Friday again so quickly?? I swear someone keeps bewitching the clocks so they run extra-fast...

Just a quick update, for those of you who are interested :) (which is EVERYONE, obviously ;)....) - I've finished the last polish of Synthetica - hooray! I've sent the final version out to my beta readers, so fingers crossed! And I know, I know, I'm supposed to have things like this done months before the publishing date, but what can I say? I live on the edge ;).

That 'last polish' took me two whole days of writing. I actually haven't been out in the fresh air since Tuesday morning, which is a tad worrying...but I have officially declared today to be A Day Off. I've had a lovely lazy morning drinking tea and watching Pokemon (because I'm grown-up like that...) and now I'm off for a spa day with my future mother-in-law and my future sisters-in-law :). I'm looking forward to getting out of my own head and having the time to just relax!

So that's it really!I know I haven't emailed reviewers or anything like I was going to, but that's a task for the weekend I think ;).

Have a great Friday, and a lovely weekend everyone!



  1. I hope you enjoyed the day off. Congrats on finishing the polish. Good-luck with the rest. I know you will do great.

    1. Thanks Murees! It was lovely :) - wish I could do it every week haha! Thank you so much for your support :)


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