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Synthetica Blog Tour Day Six: Synthetica Trivia

Afternoon all!

It's day six of the Synthetica Blog Tour. Today you can check out a book review from Bibliobibuli Young Adult Book Blog, and I'm also over at Around the World in Books and Book Snacks. Also, as an extra treat, the wonderful Murees Dupe has kindly allowed me to do a promo post on her blog as well - make sure you check it out! She's awesome :).

I don't have a character interview for you today, as a little thing called life reared it's head at the weekend and threw off all my blogging/writing plans. So instead I'm going to distract you all with some random facts from the Synthetica universe to keep you entertained until tomorrow when service will, hopefully, resume as normal.


Synthetica Trivia

1. Synthetica is set in a future where you can change your DNA on a whim - all you need is to visit a HelixPod situated conveniently in the city centre, and a load of money. Want bright purple hair and orange eyes? You got it! Want to change your body mass/height/weight? Not a long as you have the means to pay for it.
2. This may be kind of an obvious one, but everyone in the Imperial City has an ID picochip implanted behind their right ear. This ID chip not only allows the authorities to pinpoint in someone is in trouble, it's also linked to the Food Network meaning your meals can be tailor-made to your dietary requirements - yum!
3. The Imperial City has a 10pm curfew and a 'One Child' policy.
4. The Imperial City was inspired by my time in both London and Shanghai.
5. Despite never playing the game, Anais was inspired by this Final Fantasy artwork I saw in a shop:

6. On the cover artwork for Synthetica, the binary code in the background reads 'This city is mine':

7. Xander wasn't born in the Imperial City, but everyone else in the novel is.
8. Anais loves ice cream, but isn't a huge fan of chocolate. Dalla loves both.
9. Clay is just as intelligent as the Hacker. They just choose to use their skills in different ways.
10. Anais failed Programming at school.
11. Auto-cabs in the Imperial City are just fancy driverless cars. No one owns one - it's a form of public transport.
12. I enjoyed writing the villains in my story far more than the main characters #TeamNox #TeamHacker
13. Anais' mum has pale green hair and her dad sports teal hair. They're a multi-coloured pastel family.
14. Despite being called the Imperial City, the city hasn't had a royal family in over 100 years.

I hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about the Synthetica universe - if you'd like to know any more, or if you have any questions, just let me know!

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  1. Some really intriguing facts Rachel. I have Synthetica on my TBR list.
    Do you still want me to put a post up on 15th for you and is there any special instructions/info etc?

    1. Thanks Suzanne! I hope you enjoy it :).

      Yes please! I've sent you an email about it, just let me know if you need anything else :)

  2. Those are some interesting facts! Tailor-made meals? I want that! And #6 is especially a neat fact.

    1. Thanks, Chrys! Haha wouldn't that be awesome? I'd love someone to make my meals for me! The designer is the one who thought of that - I would never have thought of it myself!

  3. Those are some interesting facts! Tailor-made meals? I want that! And #6 is especially a neat fact.


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