Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Synthetica book tour - Character Spotlight: Dalla

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Today is Day 3 of the Synthetica blog tour: I'm over at The Phantom Paragrapher and Travel with Books and Coffee - thanks for having me!

Continuing with the theme of spotlighting all of Synthetica's main characters during the blog tour, today on my blog we're going to be getting more of an in-depth look at Dalla Goddard, Anais' best friend and a girl with a heart of gold.

This is how I imagine Dalla - minus all the weird flowers in her hair...

Name: Dalla Goddard
Age: 17
Lives: Imperial City
Occupation: Intern at Civitas

Quickfire Interview:

What are you up to right now?
I'm just chillin' at home, listening to music on my RetCom and messaging my BBF, Anais. Oh, and talking to you, obviously!

Favourite place?
I love my bedroom! In fact, my whole flat is pretty awesome. And I love going to the park at sunset. It's my favourite time of day.

Favourite meal?
Street noodles! There's this awesome place down by the market that does the best noodles - they're my favourite snack, especially after a night out!

Favourite subject at school?
Programming! Closely followed by Computer Coding. And Advanced Maths was always pretty fun too. Don't you just love subjects that make sense?? Like, there's only ever really one answer - I just love logical things like that.

Night in or night out?
Night out!

Ice cream or chocolate?
Oh gosh that's a hard one...chocolate, probably.

Tea or coffee?
Herbal tea for me!

Flora or Fauna?

Ideal career?
Program Developer at Civitas! How cool would it be to actually create new technology? Like, you actually take a brand new idea and turn it into something real. That would be amazing!

Three things you couldn't live without:
Just three?? That's harsh. Hmm I guess I'd have to say my RetCom, chocolate and my BFF. Anais is such a doll!

What's your ultimate dream?
I'd love to travel the world one day. Sipping cocktails on an exotic beach while watching the sun going down - sounds like my idea of heaven!

I hope you all enjoyed finding out a little bit more about Dalla. She was one of my favourite characters to write - she's such a bubbly, friendly person that I just had a blast writing her scenes - no wonder Anais loves having her as her best friend!

If you'd like to find out more about Dalla's world, you can view a description of Synthetica on my blog. You can also download Synthetica from:


We'll be taking a short break from the world of Synthetica tomorrow, but I will be posting up my latest Movie Madness review, so stay tuned!

P.S. If anyone can draw/knows anyone who can draw anime, please let me know! I hate trawling the internet for drawings - I'd love to have my own originals :)


  1. A girl who likes programming and computer coding? Wow! I like her! :D


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