Thursday, 8 March 2012

Author Blog Interview Revealed!!

So finally FINALLY, I've got my act together and I am very pleased to announce that the first lovely author who agreed to let me interview her is....

Lucy Middlemass!

Lucy is the author of 'Jinger Barley and the Murkle Moon', a truly amazing Young Adult novel that will keep you gripped all the way through! She's a lovely woman, and I'm so sorry I made her wait so long for me to upload her interview! Hopefully she can forgive me :)!

Before I upload the interview, you can check out Lucy's Authonomy page here, as well as reading her book 'Jinger Barley and the Murkle Moon' here! Check it out!

So, Lucy's interview should, I repeat SHOULD, be uploaded this afternoon...providing my laptop doesn't break/I get another migraine/I don't go for an afternoon nap....

Can't wait to share it with everyone!!


(P.S. I hope these links work...but you may have to have an Authonomy account/be logged into Authonomy...I'm not too sure...if anyone could let me know, that'd be great!)


  1. Clicked on the link and it worked!

  2. Hooray! That's great news :) - now I can post up MORE stuff from Authonomy haha!


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