Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Hi everyone!!

I'm so sorry I've been neglecting this blog/twitter/authonomy over the past few weeks - I had to complete my major project for my degree and it literally took up every waking hour I had...

Luckily, that's all over with now! Handed it in last week (a day early too :p!) so for the past few days I've literally done bugger all....I did contemplate writing for a bit, but tbh, I just wanted to relax and unwind for a while! However, I'm starting to feel slightly more alive now, so I think I might try and get back into it today/this week. I do have another piece of coursework due in on Friday, so I might do that before anything else, but as it's only a thousand words, it shouldn't take me too long :).

I hope everything's been well with all of you lovely people....and I apologize in advance for the amount of spamming I'm about to do again on your twitter feeds :P!

Have a great day!


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