Friday, 25 May 2012

Of spiders and tea...

It's only 8am, and already I'm not having a good day...

Went to wash up the dishes this morning, and what do I find? A great big hairy spider in one of the sinks....and it wasn't one of the ones that you could ignore or leave was huge and scuttling around everywhere. So I washed it down the plughole with a load of washing up water - I did feel a bit bad because I didn't want to kill it, but it looked so horrible, I didn't want it anywhere near me! And then, when I went into the bathroom to go for a shower, I looked up and what do I see? TWO more spiders in the top corner of the shower! I freaked out and refused to go in...luckily, The Other Half finishes work early on a Friday, so he can come and sort it out for me before we leave for Yeovil :).

I don't know where all these spiders have come from. I mean, our house always seems to feature one or two, but for the last few days it's been ridiculous! I did have some windows open all day yesterday, but I think I would've noticed a dirty great spider crawling in!! Also, is it just me, or do spiders tend to congregate in bathrooms? Its like they think 'hmm, how can we annoy humans the most? I know, let's hide above the bath and drop down on them when we're least expecting it...'

 Anyway, before I start on a massive rant about how much I hate spiders, I think I may have decided on a deadline for my latest project...I'm going to treat today like another working day again (and if I really was at work, I'm sure I'd be getting a bollocking right now for being late and blogging when I'm supposed to be working...oh well) and see how I get on. I'll hopefully have made a finally decision by lunchtime :)!

Oh yeah, and as for the 'tea' part of this blog post - think I'm gonna have to go and make myself a nice strong mug of it to a) wake me up and b) help me get over the trauma of this morning....

OH - and I almost forgot to mention...A big hello and warm welcome to the two newest members of this blog :)!! Thanks for joining and I look forward to chatting with you :)!!

Have a great morning everyone! 



  1. Wow, what is it with enormous spiders lately?! My cousin posted a photo on Facebook of an enormous one she found in her kitchen, and another friend said she had one in her living room yesterday! It's a strange time of year to see them around - I don't like it!

    I think you deserve a big slice of cake to help you recover from the trauma ;)

  2. EWWW! I hate them!! I don't like it either! I always thought that spiders generally came indoors in winter, presumably to shelter from the cold?? Or maybe that's just me lol.

    Haha, yes! Unfortunately we're all out of cake :(, but I did find two biscuits in a tin, so I had them instead...just to keep up my strength after such a traumatic morning you understand ;)

  3. I feel the same way about spiders. Whenever there's one in the house and my significant other is around, I totally do the full on girl thing and stand on a chair shrieking until he comes and kills it.

    If he's not around, I suck it up and deal with it but I'm not happy about it.


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