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Synthetica book tour - Character Interview: Skye

Welcome to day 2 of the Synthetica blog tour! Today, I'm over at Donnie Darko Girl, Mythical Books and Nerdychampagne. Thanks for having me!

Today on my blog, I'm featuring one of the main characters in Synthetica: Skye Belaforte, Head of PR and one of the Directors for Civitas, the company at the centre of all the turmoil in Synthetica.

To mix it up a bit, I thought I'd interview Skye for you, instead of doing a straight forward character profile. Let's go!

Hi Skye! First of all, great hair. What made you choose sky blue? Was it because of your name haha?
Skye: [rolls eyes] How quaint. My name's Skye, so I must've chosen to have sky blue hair to match. Do you really think you're the first person to ask me that?

Of course not. And for your information, this is my natural hair colour. I pride myself on my appearance, but I don't feel the need to mess with my genetics. I'll stick with fashion over features, thank you very much. [smoothes down impeccably crisp shirt]

Right...so what made you decide to get into Public Relations?
I have a natural rapport with people.

*Coughs* Obviously. What made you decide to work for Civitas?
Why wouldn't I want to work for them? They're the largest technology company in the Imperial City, and the fifth fastest growing company in the world. The opportunities are limitless. Civitas prides itself on it's 'natural' ethos, and it's sense of community, which we endeavour to bring to all our products. In the last year alone, Civitas -

Alright, we get it. What do you make of all this trouble that Civitas is in at the moment?
[Sniffs] Civitas isn't in trouble, thank you very much. This is just a slight blip in our otherwise perfect record of bringing consumers the technology they want. The people speak, and we listen -

[Interrupting] Are you listening to what this 'Hacker' is saying? He thinks Civitas should be shut down, for good.
Forgive me if I don't take the word of a disillusioned man seriously. So one person doesn't like what we do, so what? If he doesn't like the services we provide, he's free to move elsewhere. Civitas isn't going to pay attention to the ravings of one man.

Right...and you think that's a sensible view to have?
Oh come on, how much damage can one man do? Civitas owns or has shares in roughly half of all the businesses in the Imperial City. He can't take us down that easily. Are you going to ask me any proper questions, or can I go? I've got a very busy schedule, you know.

We're almost done. What do you like to do on a weekend or on your time off from running a global corporation?
I don't understand the question.

Holidays! What do you do on your HOLIDAYS?
[thinks for a minute] I usually go into the office to make sure everything is running smoothly without me, or to catch up with a few little bits that I didn't get finished the previous day. Then while I'm there, I might try to schedule in a meeting or two, depending on if the other directors or managers are in, or visit the Research & Development department. By the time I've done all that, it's usually around 7pm, so I'll have some dinner then maybe work from home before going to bed.

[Pause] Okay...moving on...what items are on your bedside table right now?
Why on earth would you want to know that?

It's just a bit of - you know what, never mind. Do you have any secrets?
Is this a joke? Are you actually a real journalist? Even I did have anything to hide, which I don't, why would I share that highly personal information with you?

Let's make this our last question - Skye, what's your biggest fear?
That Civitas goes bankrupt, or ceases to be a company. Or I get fired.

Erm, that's great! Thanks for talking to us today, Skye! Have you enjoyed your time on my blog?
It's been an experience to say the least. No, don't get up, I'll see myself out.

So that's it! Thanks for tuning in to Skye's interview - I hope you enjoyed it!

If you fancy checking out any more of Skye's world, you can view a description of Synthetica on my blog. You can also download Synthetica from:


Tomorrow on my blog, we'll be finding out more about another character from Synthetica, Dalla Goddard! See you tomorrow!


  1. Wow! I can actually imagine Skye glaring at you. She is really uptight, but I love her cold demeanor and how you tried to ask her some fun questions. Great job! Though personally, I wanted to choke her in the book.

    1. Thanks, Murees :)! Hahaha! I love your reaction to her! I actually quite liked writing about her in the book, but she isn't the friendliest person to get on with!


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