Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hello there!

So, I've finally joined the world of technology...kind of. Now, however, I have to find something interesting to say....

Hi there! I'm Rachel, and I'm from 'sunny' England - oh the joys. I love reading, writing and drinking tea. If you're really interested in who I am, just have a look at my profile :). I'm currently writing a book of short stories, whilst trying to juggle uni coursework, and writing my debut novel (and in case you're wondering, the book of short stories is actually part of my I'm allowed to leave all my other impending pieces of c/w to concentrate on writing...for a little while at least).

Due to uni work/life in general, I'm hoping to update this AT LEAST twice a week, if not more. But that's the plan for now, to ease myself into the world of blogging...oh, but I'll probably be on twitter rather a lot...or at least until the novelty wears off...

I think I should just reassure you all that this blog won't stay like this for long, in terms of background images/text etc - I'm currently working on the artwork for my book of short stories, and once it's done, I'm planning on using that instead - hooray!...providing of course, that I can figure out how to change the background....I'm hoping the website design module I'm currently taking will help me with that....

So that's it really! Come and say hi - just leave me a comment, or tweet me, and I'll get back to you ASAP :)!

Happy writing!


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