Tuesday, 28 February 2012

An Unfortunate Piece of News...

I know yesterday that I pormised to reveal the author of my first interview etc etc, but it just goes to show, that no one can predict what technology will do....

As soon as I posted my last blog post last night, I went onto another blog and decided to follow it - the second I clicked the 'follow' button, about 9 anti-virus messages popped up and then the internet closed down...and so did the Word doc I'd been working on (don't worry, I'd saved shortly before this happened!). So I turned it off and on again, and when I did, ALL the icons from my desktop had gone and all my files and about a million error messages came up, along with a so-called 'system scan' telling me I had numerous hardware faults....

Yup, that's right. My laptop has fallen sick with a virus.

I wasn't annoyed because I could no longer upload the blog post I'd been hoping to do last night, or the fact that it closed down my documents, I was just terrified because if it had wormed it's way onto my flash pen (which was connected to the laptop at the time)...I'd have been screwed. All my major project work that I've been working on since the summer (and it's due in 3 weeks) was on there, along with all the important files I need for the rest of my c/w. Basically, I would've had a mental breakdown!

Luckily, that wasn't the case. Although the Other Half couldn't fix it (it died completely on him), we did manage to find a computer company near us that was happy for us to take it in, despite the fact it was 7pm. The nice man also checked my flash pen and to my relief, there was no sign of a virus on there.

I'm currently waiting on a call (he said he'd ring today) telling me aboutt he fate of my laptop. The Other Half seemed confident it could be fixed, although he did tell me repeatedly that it was time to upgrade to a new laptop (The OS failed last summer too...although I won't admit it to him, I think he might be right...ggrr...).

So, essentially, I have no laptop of my own, although I am currently using the Other Half's laptop instead. I think I will still try to post up about my interview this afternoon, but I probably won't be able to upload the interview itself until Thursday or Friday...a bit of bummer, but better than nothing!

Oh, and I also won't be following any more blogs for a while - I've kind of lost faith in the 'follow' button!

That's all for now! Have a good day, everyone!

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