Thursday, 9 February 2012

Oh, the joys of being a student...

Literally feel sick thinking about the amount of coursework I have to do right now, so instead of actually cracking on with it, I thought I'd share my blog plans with you instead, dear readers :)!

Firstly, I've put a post up on the Authonomy website, asking if anyone would mind if I read Authonomy books and then reviewed them on here, as well as on the site. I also thought, providing people were willing, I could then interview the authors about their books! Ta-da! Instant promotion! Obviously not the most original idea in the world, but if it gets people noticed, then that's all that counts!

So, the plan is this - I shall select a book for the week, read it (hopefully :P) and review it here on Fridays. Providing authors on the authonomy site are as lovely jubbly as they seem (and they all really do seem lovely!), then I'm hoping to get an interview with them mid-week and it'll most likely be someone's book I've read/going to read in the future (or else none of this would make much sense really...). Then on Mondays/days when I'm not having a mental breakdown over uni work, I shall endeavour to lighten you your day with a piece of news from the publishing world/rambling on about know you'll love it....

Oviously all this depends on my mental/emotional state over aforementioned uni work, but that shouldn't be too much of an issue...who needs a degree anyway....


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