Sunday, 12 February 2012

I had a dream...

I actually meant to write this yesterday...but then I forgot...

Anyway, the point of this was that I quite often get the ideas for my stories/novels from dreams (and yes, I did do this before a certain YA author did....) and on Saturday morning I woke up from a dream which, while I was dreaming it, I was convinced would make an amazing story.

Now, thinking back, I can't remember a lot of it because it sucked. It was so weird and, well, dreamlike, that there was just no way it would've translated onto the printed page. Have you ever done that? While you were dreaming a dream, you thought it would make an amazing story, but once you woke up you realise that it was just a dream?

I'll give you a very brief outline of what I can remember - in this dream there was a girl (obviously) and a guy (ditto) - the guy was sent to get the girl (I think he was going to kill her actually) because she had some kind of power but instead of hurting her, he saved her and they fell in love, got married and lived in a caravan. But the guy, named Pete, disappeared one day and it turned out that whoever wanted him to kill the girl caught him and killed him. The girl was heartbroken and swore revenge. (She might also have been pregnant. But that's way too twilight-esque for my liking. So I'm leaving it out.) This is about the point I woke up/can't remember anymore/it morphed into a different dream.

Weird and wonderful, I know. But something did stick with me. Whenever I think about that girl and how much she loved Pete and how heartbroken she was when he died, it actually makes me feel sad still. Also, while I was dreaming, I remember thinking separately about how this would make a great YA trilogy - and I think may that's what's making me excited. I'm currently working on a book of short stories for my major project and my own YA stand-alone novel. I would absolutely love to write a YA series! And I think that, and the sense of a very strong female character, is what I need to take away from this dream. It's just a shame that I can't properly pursue my dream of writing until I finish my degree, but when I finish get the time to sit down and just write for the hell of it, I think I may keep the idea of a YA series in mind.

Obviously the dream as a whole is pretty useless, but maybe if I re-think A LOT of it, and remember what Pete and the as-yet unnamed female character had, it might just make a passable novel/series....

I'll keep you updated....if I remember...

What about you? What stories have you written that have come from dreams? Have they worked well, or not?



  1. This is what happened to me. I was falling a sleep one night and had a dream about this scene. I couldn't get it out of my head and had to start writing. Welcome to the blogophere. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask. :)

  2. PS. I also tagged you on my blog. :)

  3. Hi Jessica :)!
    Ahh, that's what's kind of annoying about being a writer...if you have a good idea at night, you have to get up and write about it! No normal sleep patterns for me lol!!
    Ooh, thank you :)! I've just had a look now - going to answer your questions tonight :)!


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